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Refrigerated freight is among the most important forms of freight we have, not only do whole businesses depend on the sale of food stuff and groceries, but we need food to live; and most of our food is brought to us at some point by truck. Cold or otherwise. As an important part of the industry we make sure you get the best reefer loads. Average weekly earnings: 
Dry van freight is one of the most if no the  most important forms of freight we have: food, medicine and medical supplies, auto and industrial parts, home goods and toys these are but a few examples of the dry goods that come to us by truck. 
We aim to keep your van trailer loaded with high paying cargo.
Average weekly earnings:
We love flatbed freight; as do many owner operators and trucking companies. Flatbed is diverse, flexible, rewarding and profitable. A good amount of freight is moved by flatbed trucks everyday across the USA. Since it does not need to be boxed as in van trailers, trucks are able to carry loads differing in size and shape. Strapping is required and sometimes tarping also. Truckers are in some cases able to pick up multiple shipments on the same run.
Average weekly earnings $7-10000

My time is your time

10640 N 28th Dr. #206

Phoenix AZ 


Tel: (480) 340-8762




Monday - Friday 

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Be a valued growth partner to all our truckers.


Provide exceptional and cutting edge freight solutions to all our brother and sister truckers for our mutual benefit and the benefit of our society at large

To a lifelong & meaningfull relationship, with a  Brother...



"I'm a trucking and freight enthusiast and have been since I was about four years old when my dad gave me a toy semi truck. Ever since, I was smitten and my passion for the business exploded when I got to actually do it! I love the industry, and especially the people; hence the name Brother Trucker. Our goal is to share experience and expertise acquired  through years of doing it; to help every trucker out there achieve their dreams. 

Trucking is a tough, demanding and sometimes lonely business that can be highly rewarding, therefore every trucker needs someone who has their back! A Brother. Our deeds are guided by our Core Values: Integrity, Honesty and Loyalty.

I welcome you to share in our vision and passion."

Stay safe and happy hauling,


Sidney Leslie


What our brothers say,

“Brother trucker Dispatch are everything they say they are and more. They have made my experience trucking a fun breeze. Thank you and God bless."


Jean Nelson 

“There is so much I didn't know, that I know now! Thanks to Sid and the team."


Paul C.

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